I had no idea at all!

That was me for a long time (a little too long) but I confess I thought that all the neuroscience talk was for clever people, who knew stuff.

But once I stopped (grief made me do that) I started wondering why do I :


Worry obsessively

Negatively predict the future

Suffer poor sleep

Jump to conclusions

Have to fill every minute with doing things

Assume I’m not quite good enough

Not challenge myself

Compare myself to others


And on and on … you get the picture.

So I figured that the only person I am in charge of is me so I made small steps, tentatively at first with great secrecy (incase I was no good, and then everyone would know, and I’d be rubbish at everything!).  

The small steps became bigger and easier and then I got good at things and felt confident, excited and looked forward to being me. 

I began to learn about these amazing neuro-transmitters that I have and understood how important they are to my survival, happiness, interactions, understanding and sense of self.

Here are my little “Happy Neuro Buddies”.

Dopamine – responsible for motivating me, rewards, memory and attention.

Oxytocin – it’s warm and fuzzy, promotes feelings of love, social bonding and companionship

Serotonin – regulates mood, happiness, pride, respect.

Endorphins – euphoria feelings, general well-being and pain relief.

I worked out when they were off duty and how I could get them back on track to keep me steady, motivated, focused, happy, content and logical.

Of course I haven’t found the answer to all life’s problems (I’m human) its work in progress but I’m in charge of me now.